Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Progress: 5K Update

I am working on some of the long term things on my list like read a classic novel and train for a 5K. Both of these things take time. So instead of procrastinating, I decided to hold myself accountable to my 5K goal by actually signing up for a 5K. 

One of my Mom's uber-awesome running friends told me that the only way she knew she was going to run was by actually signing up for 5Ks. 

Ipso Facto, I signed up for TWO just to be safe. 

(There aren't any in more in my area I can make it to this summer, so I'm going to my "town-away-from-home-town-town")

They are in late July/Early August so I will have time to train!

Bele Cher 5K in Asheville, NC on July 28:

Sourwood 5K in Black Mountain, NC on August 11:

Just found a running plan on the Bele Chere Website; might have to condense to less weeks:
WeekTuesday, Thursday & Saturday Activity(after warm-up)Total Run Time
1Run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes.Repeat 6 more times7 minutes
2Run 1 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 9 more times10 minutes
3Run 2 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 6 more times14 minutes
4Run 3 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 4 more times15 minutes
5Run 4 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 3 more times16 minutes
6Run 5 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 2 more times, then run 2 minutes17 minutes
7Run 6 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 2 more times18 minutes
8Run 8 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 1 more time, then run 3 minutes19 minutes
9Run 10 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 1 more times20 minutes
10Run 12 minute, walk 1 minute.Repeat 1 more time24 minutes
11Same as week 10 for Tuesday.Run 20 minutes Thursday. Trial 5K Saturday.5-K run
12Same as week 10 for Tuesday & Thursday.5-K race on Saturday.5-K run


  1. If I didnt have surgery next week I would do it with you. Running has always been one of my goals, but surgery always gets in the way. :/ ONE DAY! Im sure you will do great. :)

    1. I am certain that one day you will run!!! We can do it together :)